Stof, France Impresses Upon In India Via Zynna

The Zynna store entrance 

As the country begins to embrace an oncoming change of season, the roster for events in the city is revving up more than before, for this precise reason; new season new things to do. With trade and commerce being a major focus to revive the country's economy, French fabric maker Stof, has joined hands with Indian design based firm, Zynna to launch their new collections in India. The main focus of their launch has been the Digital Collection (a series of 30-printed fabrics, replicating the exact drawings), Toile De Jouy (a collection depicting landscapes and classic scenes, and Linen ( a 100% linen) collection. 

Zynna furnishings

Since the Indian market remains a large playing field for the foreign brands, there is always a different reason why each brand ties up with one here in India. On asking Reteish Sharma (MD, Zynna) about this, he mentioned, " The fact that STOF is the world's 3rd largest fabric producer and the brand personality it has, we thought of that as a perfect partnership between us."  The obvious question arising, as to what the identity of the Stof brand is, Thibaut Fradet (Area Sales Manager) replied with some French elan, " A nature designer, colorful, a dynamic spirit, and a strong persona, is what Stof is about." For those delving into designing, especially Retesh himself, an alumni of NID (National Institute of Design), the image and persona makes a genuine bit of difference to the customers they target. So, is it the generic customer, or who is it that they are after? Or is it a special category, since the product list is obviously expensive?

 Zynna fabrications

Thibaut mentions, " For us, its architects, interior designers, the hotels, for example the Mariott, and even some private homes."  For those making an identity for themselves through their home, the options available with Stof and Zynna will be what they are looking for. The Thibaut was generous about showing a picture of the Stof fabric put up in the lobby area of the premier hotels of the city, and it has indeed hit the right notes so to say. 

Some of the solid block fabrics of the Stof's latest lot

India is a market that generously takes to things which are foreign, especially in the aesthetic and creative space. The word itself rings a bell, and hence should be attention grabber for the audience here. However, in such a scenario, the big question also comes as to whether Stof and Zynaa will experiment with anything Indian or not. Retesh clarified, "We love Indian fabrics. We do a lot from India, but need to create a blend of our offerings to make it more interesting." What this translates into is that while Stof is wholly about French aesthetics for Indian consumers, Zynna is right now focusing on creating that blend with emphasis on designs from outside India, to create the perfect mix. 

 Some more of the French fabrics

With Stof's entry into India, the next question arising from the business point of view would be, how does the arrangement work? Thibaut says that Stof will be selling through Zynna. The process would begin with Zynna buying from Stof, getting billed for it, and then delivered at Zynaa for final delivery to customer. Retesh then pitched in further clarity that the products reach the customers through franchise outlets, 'Shop-in-Shop' stores, but such an expansion would not be a haphazard one. There will be just 1 store per city as per currently plans, and the person taking up the responsibility for the brands, will not just have the minimum financial criterion to fulfill, but some with the right 'sensibility'. The last word actually clicks it for Retesh, who as mentioned before, happens to be a NID alumni. 

  The extensive line up from Stof

For the time being, the outlet in New Delhi will be the main focus, and working through the known names of architecture and interior design will be quiet the task. Later, the footprint ought to increase in Mumbai, Kolkata, and even Bangalore, which are main metropolitan cities of the country. 

The brand identity 

Rounding-off with Thibaut, he describes what the Stof brand signature is like. "Good Quality fabrics, obviously French, trendy, and would love to suggest the French taste in India. But would also be adopting accordingly to the Indian tastes," commented Thibaut. While the lot of us who like to 'Indianize' things, the use of foreign brands will actually stand the test of time, only when their main brand identity remains on the lines of what the Area Sales Manager of Stof discussed. Till then, this is to great homes!

Some more glimpses of event: 

A very French style chair with Stof fabrics

Thibaut Fradet showing of some designs

Retesh Sharma

Some Tassel on display 


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