BoConcept- The New Danish Brand For Home Styling In India

The new BoConcept store on MG Road, near Sultanpur

The landscape of the Indian consumer is changing gradually, but by mentionable margins. Foreign brands are increasingly getting a warm reception in country, especially lifestyle related ones like BoConcept. BoConcept is from Denmark, and is an internationally known premium furniture and accessories brand, now looking to create its footprint in India amongst the elite buyers of country. The 4,500 sq. ft store located on the MG Road, is home to 14-in house studios, which have various creations like dining tables, beds, sofas, chairs etc. and accessories like cushions, rugs, lamps etc.With some designing consultants thrown in, customers will be taken through a journey where they can pick and choose as to what goes into making their homes special and unique, as per taste.

 It's more than great design. It's a concept'- BoConcept's very DNA

The term BoConcept translates into 'Living Concept' (Bo meaning living in Danish), something which the brand is pitching itself as. It was started in 1952, by the Danish duo of Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm, and now they are present as a brand in 60 countries across the world with over 250 sales units in function. And to keep the unique identity alive, BoConcept is to exist with similar looking outlets on most parts of the world, making them even more recognizable. Looking at them, they do come across as obviously very signature European; functional, aesthetic, yet minimalistic. 

  The Cenova Sofa

 Since BoConcept is still relatively new as an identity, the question was who is BoConcept? One of Navin Khanna's answers were, "the post-Ikea generation". What this means, is BoConcept is meant for those who are looking to upgrade to a status of being settled and with a decent cash balance to spend on upgrading their homes, instead of being the young generation who are setting up their home for the first time. Explaining further, Mr. Khanna explained, "We are catering to the 'post-Ikea' generation. Our consumer is someone who is looking to upgrade their lifestyle, preferably in the age group of 35-50. Or even the 'empty nesters', those who don't have their children and family living with them." 

 The sofa is a Carmo Sofa set, and a Veneto chair (left)

With their foot set in the national capital, BoConcept is set to make it's presence felt in other parts of the country as well. From the current setup, the next place is Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. In a span of around 4 to 5 years, India should have around 8 outlets across the country. 

  A drawing-cum-dining room studio setup with the Granada table 
and flower pendant lighting fixture.
Valencia sidetable on right corner

With the Indian market obviously changing, what does BoConcept feel about the trends they feel will touch a chord with the consumers here. Navin Khanna felt, "We have 2 main approaches; the Metropolitan and the Scandinavian. Our Metropolitan collection is more about the use of metal, glass, and splashes of color. Scandinavian collection on the other hand, is about greys and pastels, rich tones, yet with some subdued elements."

 Some of the accessories at the store

BoConcept has indeed come in as a living concept. It is not just about the furniture, their fabrics, and their designs. There is a great bi to look into, when it comes to the accessories they have on offer. There are numerous decor items like vases, pots, etc, which can be coupled perfectly with the style of furniture in the area they are setup in. 

 The earthy and minimalistic accessories collection

Very metropolitan, or is just Scandinavian?

Now that BoConcept is rearing to go, the market feedback and and customer orientation remains crucial to the lifestyle brand, as he feels "There is lots of hope, opportunity, and enthusiasm. People here have spent on their cars, houses, now they want to do up their homes." The cars have certainly spread over the country; name one and there is every chance that it is somewhere around in the wealthier neighborhoods. The houses have also been bought, with palatial designs and architecture, and in most habitable parts of the country. Now, it is time to make this houses into homes, and style statements that the owners want them to be. 

 For the young bedroom with a Storage bed

There were some members of the core team of BoConcept, at the store launch. 

  Navin Khanna, Director of BoConcept, Delhi in poise 
with some of the creations

Brian Hedelund Nielsen, the director for
Global Retail Development, BoConcept

 Kaare Nilsson, the man responsible for 
getting things up and running, like every other BoConcept outlet is

Some more shots of the BoConcept:
 Some fabrics which customers can choose from at the store

 Mr. Navin Khanna and Mr. Brian Nielsen 
interacting with the audience

 A Monza dinner table with London chairs

 A serious headturner of a showpiece

 The artsy Boston Chair

The lure of more fabrics, some for cushions,
and others for rugs and carpets 

Some more functionality in the backdrop of Mads Mikkelsen, the actor
with an Ottawa chair and Cupertino Desk

 The core BoConcept team giving a small speech  
(this is just a part of the actual interaction)

Store Address: Shop no. 1 & 2, adjacent to the Gallery on MG, Plot no. 253 & 254, Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi – 110030 (opposite metro pillar no. 55 & 56)


Bushra Muzaffar said…
Impressive collection at this store. liked some of the signature piece sofa sets. Good luck to BoConcept!

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