Getting A Reliable Car Spa Experience Just Got Easier With Car Fit Experts

Windshield Experts outlet in Kailash Colony where Car Fit Experts are present too

Car care is becoming an increasing concern, especially those who spend more than a pretty buck buying and maintaining, sometimes with less than desired results. While buying is relatively more of a possibility, maintaining it remains a pain point considering the plethora of local car repair and cleaning services, whose work can never really be banked upon. That is where Car Fit Experts (a Windshield Experts brand) comes in, taking care of a lot of common issues which car owners in metropolises face, including wiper blade replacement, battery check replacement, car detailing & headlight restoration, alongside car care products. The outlet at Kailash Colony in Delhi, was the place of showcase of some of the services.

3M car-care products including wax polishes, glass cleaner, car shampoo, tyre dresser, and dashboard dresser

Though there are cheaper options to keep one's car clean, but more often than not, cutting costs there results in the cost increment at a later stage, to restore and maintain; the core mantra of good car maintenance. While a soft soap or shampoo would result in a a clean car surface, over a period of time, with additional effects of a harsh sun during summers especially and that also the pollution and dust, the color begins to wary quiet a bit. Or more simply, there is a coating of deposits from the cleanser, which ultimately harms the overall finish and paint quality. 

 Special car wax being applied

Some buffing after the wax application

 Cleaning with a micro-fiber cloth
While it might be easy to clean with the usual water and cloth routine, it would be a good idea (especially when the vehicle is spanking you or came with the hefty price tag), that one uses car wax to maintain the detailing of the body. And the results with be mentionable to look at. A lot of original shade of the car disappears being under the usual stress, which emerges with the right treatment. In fact, the treatment met out to a customer's white Maruti Suzuki Swift, not just added a layer of sheen on the surface, it almost felt different to touch, and the color it originally came in, seemed to reappear. 

Also, waxing is not the only way to go. In the range of products available on site, there is the car shampoo for the exterior chassis. Then the there are products for the windscreen (considering this company is associated with AIS & Windshield Experts who happen to be glass experts), and even interior detailing, which helps in keeping everything spick and span. As pointed out in one of the pictures above, there are things for tyre dressing and windscreen cleaning too, which do that some mentionable healing touch to the vehicle's rugged and tough life. 

 Bosch wiper blades

Car Fit Experts as a business        

For the entrepreneurial mindset, there is plenty in terms of business. Currently Windshield Experts has 81 service centers in 44 cities. The company has drawn up aggressive expansion plans to further increase reach and tap the market potential in tier 2 and 3 cities. The company plans to increase number of service centers to 200 plus by 2020. They have decided to follow franchise model for tier 2 and 3 cities. With a retail space requirement of around 600-800 square feet, and investment of Rs 10-15 lakhs the franchisee is expected to get an ROI of approx. 20-25%.

So under a single roof, each franchisee is expected to lend services like Battery Check & Replacement, Wiper Blade Replacement, Vacuum Cleaning Service, Water Repellent Coating, Car Detailing; the last one is available at select centers in Delhi/NCR right now, but is expected to grow as the footprint of Car Fit Experts increase. 

As Mr. Vivek Rastogi from Kailash Colony outlet mentions, the current crop of consumers include people from almost categories as vehicle owners, though typically the higher end of vehicle prefer visiting the outlet for the detailed services. Perhaps a higher point of the vehicles calls for greater care of their wheels! 



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