Dilliwala Khazana Festival Was Treat For The Foodie Senses

The very famous Daulat Ki Chaat being served at the festival

In the course of daily life, and perhaps partly with trying to keep excess calories and fat out of one's diet, the rush of a treat to one's tastebuds goes missing along with time. And that is exactly why festivals like the Dilliwala Khazana come into the picture, to treat one's gastronomic side to an absolute array of delights. From Daulat ki Chaat (a heavenly treat for the delicate tongue with it's light weight and a lingering creamy aftertaste) to Fried Momos, to Milkshakes, to Kebabs, and many such more, were there at the festival which took place at the Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, over a 3-day period. 

 KFC Style fried momos served with pickled onions fresh mayonnaise, and spicy sauce

Needless to say, the choice of food and treat to the taste buds, was indeed long-term memory befitting. In terms of names, there was Khan Mughlai - Daryaganj, Netaji ki Chaat - ChandniChowk, Rajeev Bhai ke Special Omlette, Changezi Chicken -Ballimaran, Indo Kulfi- Karol Bagh, wide variety of momos - Momo.in, Pyar Mohabat Sharbat - MatiaMahal, Daulat ki Chaat and Taufeeq ki Biryani, ChitliQabar in PuraaniDilli. In terms of taste, that list translates to crunch, spicy, flat, sweet, salty, a dash of sour somewhere to being more profound. In terms of being an exercise on one's judging ability, that was a serious tough call and the reasons are amply clear by now. Sometimes, even adjectives begin to become hard to recall!

  The 'viral' famous Pizza Omelette by Sanjeev Bhai

It may have been a year or so ago, when the culinary circles around Delhi especially, got more popularly introduced to the phenomenon called 'Pizza Omelette' (had been there for a while though), there was always the demand somewhere, to go and taste it. YouTube managed to get a few videos out there, and video was quiet a test by itself, when looking into calories or heart health; a generous helping of butter at almost stages, plus some fried veggies, bread, egg omlette (one can order the number of eggs to be used), topped with cream, grated cheese, lemon juice, and also seasoned with spices and some pomegranate. Beet root could always be the ultimately garnish, having like a consolation healthy touch. 

Charcoal grilled kebabs with their own charm, from Old Delhi Chicken Corner      

 Usually at events like these, the descriptions of food are not really fully justified by a single piece of written work. The experience, the sounds, and the sights involved is obviously a step beyond this. The rush of kebabs, marinated with spices and expertly cooked over charcoal fire bought it's own charm of fragrances and flavors, the sights of the entire preparation cycle beholding. Chicken becomes a whole new level of gastronomic hedonism in this case. Then in the list came names like Yeti The Himalyan Kitchen, Dom Dom Biryani serving Kolkata specialities, Kathputli, Culinary Pitaara and the Indian Catering Company with a wide range of vegetarian fusion food.

 Fries, the endgame for calorie watchers

 Among beverages, Strawberry shakes with wafers were a great way to start

Just when the food was thought to be the area of taste and gastronomic pleasure, the beverages followed suit. In the earlier half of the evening, a strawberry shake was on the cards, and in case one is not watching calories and can take the cold rush during a North-Indian winter night, this sort of a sweet-rush is always welcome. The generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream did a good job of calming any violent unpleasant tastes on the tongue.

   The classic Kulhad waali kadak chai

 So it was it not just the food and beverage which had the crowds. A lot of innovative couture was there to be seen, and spent on. There was specialty henna, ittars, authentic aromatic spices and the choicest bangles to be picked from. It also included a section where semi-precious stones were being sold, alongside tarot reading and other spiritual experiences. In some ways, the Dilliwala Khazana Festival was in fact, a total sensory treat and enrichment. 

 For the more health conscious, Sattviko had a stall there too

Some of the other visuals included the general decor, and also the live performances, including those by Padmashri Dadi Pudumjee's Ishara theater which included a show with clowns; bouts of laughter ensured. Music flowed in a little later.

 Ishara Theater performance 

 If Delhiites gather at a place in such generous numbers, there is every bit the chance that shopping is also on the sidelines. From clothing to semi-precious stones, it was a visual treat even there as well. 

 Trippy Sama in performance
On occasions like the Dilliwala Khazana Festival, music has to be around. This time it was fusion of classical and rock, in the form of Trippy Sama, who did manage to bring quiet the soul into their creations. Tunes and voices blended well, and true to their name, made the gathering 'trippy' to sound atleast!

Bags, dress material in colorful vibrancy, and touching on local culture

 For the more cool fashionistas
 Some semi-precious jewelry


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