Home Made Hair Oil To Keep Them Shiny And Healthy

Hair care will always figure as one of the main ways of looking healthy, positive and energetic in general. But in the modern day set up, such a task has become increasingly difficult for health reasons, and also the fact that lifestyles have become more hectic and stressful. With little time at hand and also limited money to spare, alternatives are the need of the hour for the beauty conscious.  Here are some recipes, which will help keeping your hair healthy and shiny, without being bombarded with chemicals:

1) The trio of Aloe Vera, Brahmi, and Tulsi
Some of the most cherished ingredients in ancient medicine, the combination of aloe vera extracts, along with brahmi and tulsi, which are common in ayurvedic medicine, form the core of ingredients to be used for this hair oil concoction. Along with 5 teaspoons of Brahmi powder, 2 teaspoons of aloe vera extracts, 1 teaspoon tulsi leaf paste, there is 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cup coconut oil also included. 

Tip: The aloe vera, tulsi paste and brahmi powder are to be mixed first for a consistent paste. Then the coconut milk and coconut oil is to be added, before putting it on the gas stove. When the mixture is to be bought to a near boiling point, when a bit oil fenugreek is to be added. However, one has to ensure that over heating is to be avoided, as contents may turn black easily. 

2) Castor, lavender, coconut, and almond oil mixture
This mixture of lavender, almond, castor and coconut oils will perhaps make it one of the most nutritious tonics for the hair. From fragrance to rich food for the hair, this special homemade oil will certainly do wonders for the hair, even if it were to mean some extra effort to buy and put it together. Main ingredients include Almond Oil (80 ml),Coconut Oil(80 ml), Castor Oil(25 ml) Vitamin E capsules(5), Lavender oil (5 ml), Aroma magic Stimulate oil (10 ml), for a quantity of 200 ml in all. 

Tip: Almond, coconut and castor oils are to be first put together as a mixture to create an even blend. The other 2 oils which include lavender and stimulate aroma oil, are to later added in drops from time to time. The Vitamin E tablets are to be broken in finally to create this nutritious mixture. 

3) The goodness of Amla (Indian gooseberry), and fenugreek
The presence of vitamin C and iron in amla (Indian gooseberry) is well known, and hence remains an ingredient for many home made preparations. In this case, the paste of amla is mixed with fenugreek powder, and prepared as a thick oil mixture with the main oil base being coconut oil. 2 teaspoons of amla paste, mixed with 1 teaspoon of fenugreek and 1 cup of coconut oil are to be initially mixed together. Then coming the heating on a low flame till the amla turns brownish in color, and cooled for use.

Tip: When taking it of the gas after heating, one would need to sieve through the mixture and stored in a glass bottle. This mixture should stay good for 2 weeks minimum, but during this time, it should not be refrigerated because of the coconut which can solidify under cooler temperature.

4) The simplicity of curry leaves
This recipe for home made hair oil definitely will be one of the simplest and perhaps the quickest possible route to good healthy hair. 2 bunches of curry leaves need to made into paste, and mixed with coconut oil, and bought to a heated mixture.When the fumes emerge and the curry leaf paste begins to turn brownish, then the mixture to be taken of the heat, and used.

Tip: The mixture when taken from the heating source, will be a thick concoction. It is to be sieved and stored for later use. Also, the best results are known to come from heating the mixture just a little bit before being rubbed into the scalp and hair. 

Note: These recommendations are purely based on personal opinion, and the perfect match for one's hair can be known after due consultation with a specialist in these remedies. Hence, a prior consultation is always strongly recommended. 


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