6 Charming Table Mat Designs For The Dining Space

Like wall hangings, lights, cutlery and crockery, and even furniture play a very crucial role in the decor and beauty of a place, table mats (place mats) can be equally important to ensure that the style quotient gets a boost, for the dining. In light of that here are a few table mats which one can choose from depending upon the theme of the entire dining space:

1) The spiral rope mat
For those interested about various textures to add to one's dining space, this spiral rope mat is something worthy of a try. Usually such mats get created from jute ropes, which are thicker and can be swirled into various sizes, and even painted to give it the unique paint job to suit the surroundings.

2) Printed Apple Fanboy set
The dining table is one space which needs it's stock of energy in order to be as interesting, as the food that is eaten there. Among others, one way would be to add bright colors in the form of table (place) mats as such as these shown here. Red, orange (tangerine), green, blue, or any shade which had a sense of being racy as well as energetic could be useful for an aesthetic dining table. 

3) The metallic wire set

Metallic shades such as silver and steel seem to go with traditional muted pastels, just as shown in this dining space. Keeping that thought in ind, the mats seen here, have been made from metal wires woven together for fairly interesting place mats. Would suggest going along with the idea of keeping the dining table cover free, and transparent. One could always tweak with the color of this metallic mesh mats to go with the furniture.   

4) Stone and Glass table decor

The idea of putting stone and glass together might be a dicey one, but is still a possibility. Unlike the other ideas so far, this glass top table sees a pebble rock mat at the center, based on which the center piece of the dining table rests. With the smooth texturing of the decor, the cobble stone mat provides the right sophisticated contrast.

5) Orla Keily red pear table matt
For someone with a taste for bright colors and beauty of fruits, this Orla Keily set of table mat and coasters is a must have. Unlike the previous set where we showed for varied set of colors, this one is more monotone, but does not compromise on the looks and the thematic flavor it adds to the dining space. Certainly more youthful!

6) The charm of jute/wool
Handwoven fabrics have their own charm. This set up with a woolen chequered table mat (place mat) is indeed a charming one for those who like their dining space to be more elaborate. Despite being a bit tougher to maintain in terms of keeping a clean set, these mats are a load of colors, which mix with different textures to create aesthetics. 

Sources: Houzz/ Heals


Pooja Mahimkar said…
That metallic mat is so chic!
Wrik Sen said…
Pooja, do keep spreading the word around about the post, if you can.. Would love to know more opinions of you and those who know you.. Would be nice to build up a community of followers..

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