Dr. Oetker Funfood's Milk Shake Mix In Kesar Pista And Badam Elaichi

Funfood's new flavors; Kesar Pista and Badam-Elaichi

The summers are indeed killing it, or rather us, literally. The temperatures are soaring enough, and a cooler was much needed. That is when milkshakes came to mind, especially the ones you can try our with chilled milk, to beat the heat. Funfood's was generous enough to send some samples across of their latest products in the milkshake range, namely the Kesar-Pista and Badam-Elaichi mix, and both of them really did serve their purpose. 

  Kesar-Pista mix

After tasting both these flavors, there is a natural tendency for the bias to flow towards the Kesar-Pista mix. From various or even at home, the mixture of the beverage can sometimes not be in perfect proportion, resulting in a slightly less than perfect taste. The margin of error in this one is a lot lesser. With some toned milk, obviously cold or chilled, a couple of scoops of this mix, may be an extra for taste, and the result is a mentionably delightful. Not too thick with toned milk, not too sweet, and hardly a taste of anything artificial. Quiet the delightful tasty charmer. 

    A tasted glass of Kesar-Pista Milk Shake Mix

 The Badam-Elaichi Mix

The next one was the Badam-Elaichi mix. While this too is an enjoyable mixture, but the crunch of the almonds seemed lesser in this one. The other mixture has the extra crunch of  Pistachios had given the earlier mixture it's own textured charm. Though this one did have very finely chopped pieces of almonds in them, the overall taste was not as finely balanced or textured. never the less, this mixture is still a very good breaker of monotony, in terms of other meals such as a bowl of daily cereals (may be a tablespoon in a bowl would be good), or even sweets. 

Just for note, these ought to be there at all local grocery stores other than online stores. Both of them come for Rs 99 a bottle. 

 Badam-Elaichi mix


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