Ambience Spring Carnival 2017 Has Begun Amid Some Refreshment And Fun

Some Porcelain pieces up for sale

Ambience Mall is where some of the action is at, especially with their 3-day Spring Carnival underway. In the heat of Delhi, there always needs to be a reason for taking out time and space, which this time was found at the Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj, for some food , shopping, and entertainment on the sides. Like most times, this too included some decent eateries, some good clothing and utilities for the picking, and the open-air style of event hosting.

 For the love of glitter and jewelry

 The thing about open-air events has always been the seemingly expanse of people that swarm in, to make themselves feel good, and contribute to adding to the social value. For the sake of avoiding loneliness, or perhaps interrupted photography, some known company is always advisable. This time, it was Mr. Rajat was there, and he indeed was the kind of host one needs. Was generous with showing the place around, handing in some information when needed; to cut it short, was a pleasant experience. 

  Some electrical oil lamp diffusers

The Ambience Spring Carnival will indeed be a 3-day affair with entertainment on the sidelines as well. Day 1 had the singing performance of Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, who kept swinging in the blues and jazz genre, and belled out a few numbers in French as well, other than her stock of English songs. 

  Sanjeeta Bhattacharya with her band

For the food, there were names likes Wot the fork, Pop stick pop, Row, Food stalls, Burger King, Kolkatta Biryani House, Pie Italian Pizzas n ice creams, Cafe Habit, Frozen Adda ice cream rolls, The Waffle Studio, Kings Kulfi. Lots of calories, but tasty at that. The burgers, the shakes, and the coolers were plenty to consume, and keep the taste buds entertained. 

 Rafiq Khan Langa belted out some traditional Rajasthani folk music

For those that did not fit into the music genre earlier belted out by Sanjeeta Bhattacharya and her band, the turn came for Rafiq Khan Langa to entertain the crowd. His specialty being traditional Rajasthani folk music, with it's own rustic charm. For the right ears, it was the highlight of the evening. 

Some more sights from the Ambience Spring Carnival 2017:



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