Creative Pursuits Supreme At Desizn Conclave 2015

Design and creativity, often 2 sides of the same coin, typically has early signals of development, when it comes to talent in the arena. Goes without saying, it needs a good deal of support to prosper and be groomed for eventual success. That's perfectly what Desizn Conclave 2015, being held at the Alliance Francaise, Delhi fits into as an event. Sumit Saurabh the organizer, is looking to use it as a forum to give young talent and aspirants, to showcase their work to the public. Without having a fee involved, the idea of Desizn Conclave is to let the young talent know, what it is like to get real time feedback from the public, and get used to the idea of events to showcase creative work. What is really noble about the event is, it does not bring in any income for Sumit, who also happens to be a successful entrepreneur, but is a part of his generosity to support talent in the field of design.

The theme for Desizn Conclave 2015, was for young artists to create something around 'My dream India' . It was about the how the young saw their India to be, and showcase their vision through art works, photographs, and other mediums as seen at the event. Each creative piece, had a message of what the aspirations were, and what the possibilities were, of an India the student of design and art saw.

The tree of life

The artists taking part here are design aspirants in various fields such as photography, painting, sculpture, industrial design etc. that are a part of the Desizn Circle, lead by Sumit Saurabh which deals with training and counselling students for various courses across the country.  From digital posters, to installations, and even some canvas work showcased the theme, and gave a voice to students already studying design, and to those who wish to enter the field at some point in the future.

Kala Sutra works by various weavers and fabric artists

A part of the event, had 'Kala-Sutra', which is again a non-profit making venture which gives weavers and other fabric designers a chance to their works, and perhaps even get in touch with buyers, who might take a fancy to their creativity. Some of the pieces highlighted here include Maheshwari silk and cotton sarees and dupattas. Other than the platform, this venture will also train these artists towards bringing in a business aspect to their profession so that they a commerical success, as well as investing in them so that the artists remain connected with what they do best. 

Let’s walk over what is not ours. Let’s leave behind
war, illiteracy, scams and corruption.

India is a land of creativity and diversity, a given notion which the world agrees to, perhaps. What the various students, through different vehicles of creativity did, was to showcase that as well as give their inputs, on how they would see their India to be.

A lot of people are of the view that when one does something without the aim of earning through it, it could often bring out hidden passions and greater talents in a person. Sumit has this precise approach for the Desizn Conclave event, which has bought in a number of labels like Antardesi, Angry Postman, Naveli, and COD Studio, who are supporting the event  without the primary aim to gain anything commercially. The step forward has already been taken, the message has started to out, and if the name is heard by the right ears, Desizn Conclave will certian gain a scale greater than anything done of this kind, successfully before. 

Some more shots from the event

The hut frame as seen here, was made by an artist within a span of a single night for this event

Women in India are meant to not just light up a single family, but to keep
two families happy at the same time. The most stunning thing about them:
even with enormous responsibilities and tasks to complete, they manage
to look just absolutely alluring.

A newspaper that says it all- India Today


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