21 Gun Salute Press Meet Dedicated To Vintage Motor Tourism

The restored 1952 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe

The sound of the word 'car' can ignite dreams and passions in some, and being one of them has its own perks, especially, if being a blogger is concerned. The well-known Gurgaon restaurant 21 Gun Salute, runs a cultural trust that is working exclusively for promoting motor tourism in the country, meaning tourists visiting events for witnessing cars of rare vintages. In 2016 February, the 6th edition of the 21 Gun Salute Vintage Car Rally and Concours Show will be taking place, which will focus on the cultural heritage across the country, and bring together some of the rarest vehicles owned by royal families and others, who have preserved them over time. This show is expected to host 75 Indian-owned cars and 15 from the international arena, including UK, US, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, and take place over 2 days.

 Another vintage specimen of the 21 Gun Salute Foundation collection 

Vintage car rallies have traditionally not been as organized in India, but there have been car enthusiasts who have gone great lengths to maintaining their cars, and also participate in shows and competitions to highlight their 4-wheeled and 2 wheeled assets. And not just them, this prestige extends to some rare 2-wheelers as well, which were collected by noble and the royalty across the country, mainly across states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Telengana, and Karnataka. Unlike the European and other counterparts, India's motor centered tourism hasn't really picked up, but is showing signs, which the 21 Gun Salute Cultural Trust wishes to capitalize on. So the Concourse de Elegance and the Goodwood festivals which are held abroad, will have a counterpart in India, where the latent demand is on the rise. 

   The Sunbeam 1922 and the Norton 1922

Out of curiosity, there was a query about the royal family of Koochbehar, in Bengal, which was known to be the home of a collection of Rolls Royce cars, which were one of the legendary ones across the country, and noted across the world of car collectors.  On asking Mr. Madan Mohan, the host of the press meet, and the founder of the 21 Gun Salute Vintage Car rally, he mentioned, "There are no heirs of the family left, hence we have no information on them. However, there is a book being authored on the royal cars of Indian families abroad, which could be a source of information."  Even with a lot of erstwhile royal families, it is a tragic happening to witness, that much of the culture and heritage, in terms of motor collections, have been lost in the trials of change that the country has undergone.

Mr. Madan Mohan with the 1952 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe

The vintage car rally event will be taking place in Greater Noida, where the Buddh International circuit is based. The participating vehicles with undergo several laps of controlled speed racing, which will be enough of a challenge for some of the vintage cars to run up to, and give the audience present there, the sights of these vintage beauties. The add-on which Mr. Mohan mentioned, was that it will also be a showcase for other cultural facets of the country, which ran into the centuries, before automobiles even came into existence. 

 The Ediphone

Much of India's yesteryear elites, had lived in an environment, which today evokes nostalgia, and a greater sense of curiosity, including the Ediphone, on display at the 21 Gun Salute Restaurant. Much unlike today's sleek multi-functional and infinitely more technology evolved personal hand held devices, yesteryear devices were characterized by bulk in volume, and also of limited use. Today however, these are artifacts that people travel far and wide to witness first hand, and take a glimpse of the life back then.

Some delectable Rasmalai at the venue, amongst other delicacies

While food was never the central attraction, but remained an area of prime interest throughout the Press meet. The bowls of Rasmalai were always in the the reckoning for the foodie eyes. Some salads, Nakkhat aloo chat (tangy potato salad), paan (betel leaf), and the mocktail, based on gulkand (caramel cooked rose petals) made for a good light but tasteful meal. 

Classic and vintage motorsport is going to be the new in-thing for car enthusiasts and 
connoisseurs alike. Though rallies and clubs are in the country, this organized effort will push India high up on the world's motorsport tourism. With best wishes, here are a few more glimpses of the event:

Telephone made in the USA, during the the 1890s

Table fans of yesteryear 

Interior of the 1952 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe

What the cameras looked like back then

Interior of the vintage convertible

Some green salad for the healthy eater

Some watermelon desserts

The live kitchen counter of the 21 Gun Salute Restaurant

The well-stocked bar at the 21 Gun Salute Restaurant in Gurgaon


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