Snacking Healthy At The Pita Pit Lounge

         Anun Dhawan @ Pita Pit Lounge 

In the midst of the overpriced menu and calorie loading binges of QSR chains, the Pita Pit Lounge is certainly the refreshing change needed. Healthy, customisable, and delicious for the tongue, Pita Pit's sandwiches and salads was something which was needed on the Delhi food scenario since a long time. So, to popularize the concept and give a rather in-depth feel of their restaurant, the team invited a bunch of the capital city's foodie bloggers for a fun and interactive session of Pita bread sandwich making, in the famous M-Block market of Greater Kailash-1 area.

The 29th January, the fun session of Pita bread sandwich making was something which broke the monotony of daily life, and treated the tongue of quiet a few foodie bloggers. With the help of the team lead by Anun Dhawan, the live counter for the Pita bread sandwich making was opened for everybody to experiment with their own version of the grilled sandwich, which was almost like a first-time adventure inside the kitchen.

Anun Dhawan at work to teach

The reasons why one should switch to Pita bread snacks pure health and freshness. Though competing brands are always hard at task with fresh ingredients, the offerings at Pita Pit are comparatively more Carbohydrate-free than thick flavored breads, and also have better options for spreads such as Hummus and Baba Ganoush, as the most popular options to choose from. 

The fresh ingredients on display

One of the best parts about the Pitapit counter is the transparent facade, and the openness it gives to the client and service guy on the other side. Having tasted and used the vegetables, cheeses, and nuts, the 'Freshness' aspect can be vouched for under all circumstances. The 'crispness deserves a special mention here! 

Main Service Counter with back-lit menu

A lot of the audience at the Pita making session were surprised to find potato chips packets and a stand where aerated soft drinks were lined up. Anun later clarified that this place is undergoing some changes, and the opening of the outlet is fairly recent. There relationship with the fizzy shall end sometime in the near future. 

The Pita sandwiches are a quick thing to make

If one is looking for an elaborate process for making Pita bread sandwiches, be prepared to be surprised. It takes under 2 minutes flat, to make one's own choice of sandwich/rolls! Split the layer of the round bread by up to 40%, put the choice of spread, stuff in the veggies and other salad items, tuck in the upper layer inwards nice and tightly, and put it on the griller for a very quick and crispy grill. During the making of the sandwich/roll, one can even choose to grill the cheese and the veggies for a better texture.

Watermelon Juice

There is a small but decent selection of fresh juices to pick from. If the sugar and calorie fizzy options are a strict no-no, then these options like the watermelon or pineapple juice are just about as good for the tongue, as well as the health overall. 

The Lemongrass tea

Since the winters don't leave much of a choice for someone with a sore throat, there are some real good coffees and teas as well, like this Lemongrass tea. Soothing on the throat and the warmth of the naturally flavored beverage in cold conditions, was a bumper offering. The catchy casing for brewing the tea also deserved some attention. Looks cool, handy and effective!

A Pita Pit creation

The look and feel of the place was sure an upmarket one, considering the prime south Delhi location. Light brown, Green, and late gray are their main identification colors and after asking Anun Dhawan, that is what they intend their flagship outlet to carry throughout the decor and color scheme. 

The central column

The textures and the look around the restaurant are very soft, yet have a modern touch in its design. Nothing flashy, yet prominent, earthy even! There is a mixture of the kind of furniture one can sit; high rise bar chairs, medium height dinner tables, or even the lounge sofas placed towards the back end for the most comfort loving customers hopping in, and where one can even see some in-restaurant activities. 

The dining tables' setup
The fact that this outlet will be Pita Pit's flagship outlet in the Delhi/NCR region, the ambiance and designing seems to have been worked out professionally with good clear thought going into it. The other 2 outlets are at DLF Cyber-Hub and Select City Walk, and for the benefit of the growing fan base of the brand, the expansion will go ahead slow but steady. Noida is another place which is seen a target for the company. 

A Pita Pit salad bowl

The settings were perfect, the food was good in quality and freshness, and the staff was really good with their service as well. In short, there is not too much to ask for, except for perhaps some quick changes in their menu to bring up more choices for customers, and may be a more prominent sign-board outside their restaurant!

Some Areca Palms

Location: Pita Pit Lounge, M18, Greater Kailash, Part I, New Delhi (First Floor)

Meal for two: Rs 500/- +taxes

Restaurant timing: 11:00am to 12:00pm



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