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Latest trends in landscape design

A terrace opening up to the sight of concrete towers and buildings; a stroll outside the main gate and nothing but mundane concrete houses with little foliage, managed erratically; these are sights common in many cities across the world, including India. However, as the market changes and more city dwellers throng to the metropolises and other big locations for a better lifestyle, landscaping has emerged as a strong element in their preferences for residential and commercial use. Nishant K. Agarwal of Avighna India testifies that, the demand is primarily focused around 4 aspects: easy maintenance, local vegetation plantation, lighting, and best possible utility of the given space.

Capital sources for small businesses

When starting a new business or nursing back to health an older business back to its peak days, the importance of funding is paramount. Also, how and where the funds come from also make it crucial for the future decision making process in the business. Depending upon the options at hand there are several options small business could look at for their financial needs:

Mobility Adoption: The Indian Scenario Across Sectors

‘Mobility adoption’ or ‘mobility’ is a buzzword going around the business and technology circles, more than ever before. The potential for its use across various platforms, and possible innovations has made it a top priority for industrialized countries like India. Mobility adoption would have multiple definitions depending upon its source, but it’s largely centered on building enterprise processes and solutions, keeping in mind a ‘mobile’ interface of use, such as the use of hand held devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets, and others belonging to the category.
With a trillion dollar economy still untapped and potential of growth being immense, mobility adoption holds a key for many industries in the country like IT/ITES, health-care, BFSI (Banking & Financial Services), and retail. The recent trends and the industry scenario shows an interesting picture in India, truly worth pondering upon.